Inter-Parliamentary Coalition for Global Ethics (reg. UK)

Leadership & Advisory Board

Board Members

President Emil Constantinescu former President of Romania
Lord Stone of Blackheath House of Lords - UK
MEP Fiorello Provera, Italy former Deputy Chairman European Union Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs
MP Alfred Heer, Switzerland Vice Chair, Swiss Delegation to the Council of Europe
MK Nissim Zeev, Israel founder of the Shas Party
Pastor Enoch Adeboye, Nigeria General Overrseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG)
His Excellency Mustafa Ceric Grand Mufti of Bosnia
Rabbi Yitzhak Dayan Chief Rabbi Geneva/Representative of the European Conference of Rabbis to the U.N.
H.E. Mustafa Ceric Grand Mufti of Bosnia
Gianni Picco former Under Secretary General United Nations
H.E. Yasar Yakis former Foreign Minister of Turkey
M.P. Emanuel Zingeris President, Parliamentary Forum for Democracy


His Excellency Fredrico Mayor
President and Founder
former Director General of UNESCO
Cultura de Paz, Spain

Board of Trustees

S. Bekerman Founder/Director of IPCGE
Master Jun Hong Lu, Australia Chairman
Dr. Wafik Moustafa
Dr. Yang Liu

IPCGE Advisory Board

IPCGE Advisory Board provides advice and support to the Secretariat of the IPCGE for the development and execution of its activity. IPCGE Advisory Board includes prominent individuals coming from the fields of international politics, religion, judiciary, academia, the private sector, as well as celebrated artists. All individuals have demonstrated extraordinary contributions to society and have served their countries and their communities in significant ways.

IPCGE Advisory Board is comprised of different sections, focusing on different fields and areas where each section includes members with specific experience and expertise to support its respective sector.