May 21, 2019/ Senate of the Assemblee Nationale

Hosted by Senator Samia Ghali

2019 High Level Roundtable
Inter Parliamentary Coalition for Global Ethics
Multi Track Council
World Association of Arts and Sciences
World Association of NGOs (UN)
World Cultural Exchange Organization. Australia

High Level Roundtable Forum

The U.N. SDG's encompass ethics inherent in many cultures and religions on issues of social and environmental justice. The Inter-Parliamentary Coalition for Global Ethics is launching a major initiative to create a global steering committee of parliamentarians, religious, education and cultural representatives to lead the efforts to harness cultural and religious ethics to promote legislation and social action to implement these goals. .as a follow up to the 2016 High Level Panel and 2018 Summit of Parliamentarians at the United Nations, the Rome Declaration of March 2019 and the Isaiah Declaration issued May 7 at the United Nations Headquarters..

The 'United Nations' Headquarters faces the Isaiah Wall inscribed across from the main building. The quote from the prophet Isaiah was chosen as the founding motto for the world's foremost organization for international peace. In his eternal thought, the day is mentioned when no nation will wage war against another nation, and when swords - the instruments of war - will be transformed into plowshares - the instruments for providing man's sustenance.

Goal 16 of the SDG's " Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development..." is the pre condition for the accomplishment of all the other goals set forth in the SDG's. Education for the culture of peace and SDG's is a security issue as it is the first line of defense to combat violent extremism, racism, xenophobia, hate speech and anti-Semitism and terrorism

The goal of this HLF is to develop a coalition of parliamentarians from the Council of Europe, Pan African Parliament, Eurasia and South America as well as the mutli track council of religious, education, media and cultural leaders to implement a culture of peace and prosperity through legislation for mandatory education for the culture of peace on all levels of education from kindergarten through academic studies. Participants representing the Council of Europe, Pan African Parliament, Latin American Parliaments, World Cultural Exchange Organization, OIC, WAAS, ISAACL,Youth for Human Rights. will present their strategy proposal to reach this goal. The session will conclude with the presentation of the Paris Proclamation.

Welcome Address -- Senator Samia Ghali. Host

Background:- Shoshana Nicole Bekerman, IPCGE


The Honorable Speaker of Parliament of Madagascar Jean Max Rakotomamonjy President Emil Constantinescu (President ISAACL) former President of Romania

  • M.P. Jordi Xucla ( Member of Parliament of Spain and Council of > Europe)
  • (former) Senator and MEP Fiorello Provera ( Chairman of Italian
  • Senate Foreign Affairs Committee/ former Vice Chairman EU Parliament - Foreign Affairs Committee
  • Mr. Ju Hong Lu/ World Cultural Exchange Organization, Australia
  • Lazaro Burak Sasson - Chairman. Latin American Parliamentary > Friendship Group
  • Eden Stein, Ambassador Youth for Human Rights (USA)
  • Dr. Lahoucine Khabid -Atlas Center for Diplomacy ( Morocco)
  • Else Cachet/ Seize the Nations NGO/Guatemala
  • Dr. Afzal Choudry, President Search for Peace Foundation, UK.

Conclusion and Presentation of Paris Proclamation

Italian Senator Fiorello Provera at Senate of Assemblee Nationale IPCGE meeting with French Senators:

Ladies and gentlemen, honorable guest, friends.

The aim of our associations, building peace, is noble, praiseworthy and almost impossible. Let's have a lookon our globe: violence, instability, confrontations are common in many parts of the world. Conflicts and wars explode for political reasons, territories occupations, energy and strategic materials control, and even for religious causes. Every year 100.000 christians are killed because of their faith. Also in Europe and America we verify a dramatic surge of attacks to synagogues and killings of jews in a renewed antisemitic frenzy. But paradoxically also inside the same religion the culture of hatred is tragically common: since centuries sunnies and shias are slaughtering eachothers in a neverending madness. So, should we stop our committment and give up? Is the achievement of peacefull coexistance a dream? I don't think so and History can teach us a lesson and support our effort. In Europe entired nations were devastated by religious wars between catholics and protestants for many decades but that tragic time teached us to live together and overcome differences and divisions. Nowadays our people have religious tolerance, secular states, democratic societies.

Peace is possible, universal peace very difficult and perhaps possible but , in any case, is a battle worthy to be fought for. One point is that peace cannot be imposed on people by some signatures on treaties by political leaders. Durable, long lasting coexistance can only be achieved in the grassroots of our societies through a deep , tenacious, persistant education to peace. For such an amazing goal, scholars, intellectual elites, cultural associations are crucial. We should discover and promote a new Humanism where Man, each single man,has to be the center of the society. Dignity, respect, tolerance are inherent to every citizen and grassroots to peacefull coexistance. Culture of peace is one of humanity greatest endevour and members of parliaments are paramount to achieve it. They have key political role convincing national governements and voting the introduction of a mandatory education in schools for culture of peace. Schoobooks teaching equality, mutual respect, tolerance, educationto democratic principles are the pillars of a new, better world. All these represent a great challenge and an important step for our future.