SUMMIT OF PARLIAMENTARIANS AT THE UNITED NATIONS The Role of Parliaments for Promoting the Culture of Peace and Implementing the SDG's

UN Headquarters/ September 4th, 2018

Co-sponsors: Permanent Missions of Sri Lanka, Benin and UNESCO

The Inter-Parliamentary Coalition for Global Ethics (IPCGE) serves to promote the alignment of national legislation with and implementation of the United Nations resolutions on the culture of peace, environmental ethics and social justice. Following the successful High Level Forum Roundtable convened by the IPCGE in partnership with UNESCO and the Italian mission to the United Nations on July 21, 2016,  which brought together parliamentarians and representatives of the diplomatic community, the United Nations system and civil society in an effort to develop collaboration for implementing a culture of peace to combat the unprecedented rise of violent extremism, IPCGE is initiating a summit of parliamentarians from UN member states,  aimed at the adoption of legislation for mandatory education on culture of peace and SDG's as a fundamental measure to prevent terrorism and violent extremism.

     The summit will be held within the context of the UN Global Strategy to Combat Terrorism, the Working Plan to Combat Violent Extremism and the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals.  The goal of the summit is to provide a framework for parliamentarians and the UN to work jointly for preventing the unprecedented rise of violent extremism, the critical need for sustainable development, protection of the environment and economic growth that benefits all levels of society. The purpose of the summit is to empower legislators of UN member states to initiate legislation in their respective parliaments to fill this lacuna in the quest for peace.

The IPCGE initiative also envisages the further strengthening of a multi- track diplomacy partnership, as inaugurated on November 9th 2016, to engage religious, academic, media leaders and civil society to fulfil their respective roles to implement the proposed legislation with the support of the United Nations institutions as envisaged in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Plan of Action to Prevent Radical Violence. 


* High Level Roundtable Conference Room 8, United Nations Headquarters
  • Defining, Establishing and Inaugurating a New Precedent: the Role of Parliamentarians to Implement the UN Resolutions on a Culture of Peace Co-Chairs: Sri Lanka, Benin, UNESCO Liaison Officer Moderator – IPCGE/li>
  • Luncheon Delegates Dining Room, United Nations Headquarters/li>
  • Inter Cultural Exhibit Hosted by IPCGE /li>

* SUMMIT OF PARLIAMENTARIANS Conference Room 11, United Nations Headquarters

* The Role of Parliamentarians for Promoting Education for the Culture of Peace and Implementing the SDG's

* Welcome
  • His Excellency Dr. Rohan Perera Ambassador and Permanent Representative, Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka,
  • His Excellency S.E.M.Jean Claude Felis do Rego Counsellor, Permanent Mission of Benin to the United Nations
  • Hon. Dr. Wijeyedasa Rajapakshe - Minister of Higher Education and Cultural Affairs, Sri Lanka
  • H.E. Mr. Fida Mohammad Nashad - Speaker, Gilgit Balistan Legislative Assembly, Pakistan
  • Hon. Jean Max Rakotomamonjy, MP - President of National Assembly of Madagascar
  • Dr. Ahmed Al Jarwan - President Global Council for Tolerance and Peace/ former Speaker - Arab Parliament
  • Ms. Marie Paule Roudil - Director of Office and UNESCO Representative to the United Nations
  • Mr. Matthew Hodes - Director, Alliance of Civilizations
* Panel 1 PARLIAMENTARY PERSPECTIVES Education for the Culture of Peace and SDG's as a Foundation for Peace and Security – the Global Framework
  • Hon. Erick Houndete, MP - Deputy Speaker of Parliament of Benin
  • Senator Samia Ghali - Assemblee Nationale France, former Mayor of Marseilles
* Panel 2 Education for the Culture of Peace and SDG's: The Legislative Framework
  • Hon. Jordi Xucla, MP - Parliament of Spain/Chairman of Spanish Parliament Delegation to the Council of Europe
  • Senator Ibrahim Mantu –Parliament of Nigeria
* Panel 3 Promotion of Education for the Culture of Peace and SDG's: A Model Framework – Universal Goals – National and Social Adaptation
  • Mrs. Lily Gray – UNESCO Liaison Officer
  • Hon. Aziza Chagaf, MP –Parliament of Morocco/ Chairwoman Global Council for Tolerance and Peace
* Video Address; H.E. Frederic Mayor - former Director General of UNESCO

* Civil Society Representatives
  • Imam Agha Jafri - Sec. Gen., American Moslem Congress
  • Rabbi Yakov Cohen - Pres. Institute of Noahide Code
  • Rev. Tomas de Valle - St. Colomba
  • Mark Weizman - Director of Government Affairs, Simon Weisenthal Center
  • Sergio Kopelovitch - Founder/Director, Peace Museum Mexico/New York
* Open Discussion and Vote of Thanks